Medical Hair-Loss Solutions

Medical Hair-Loss Solutions

Medical Hair-Loss Solutions

Medical Hair Loss

The awfulness of being diagnosed with cancer is devestating to say the least. Besides the emotional toll of the illness itself on you and your family is the burden of treatment, many describe as worst than the sickness itself. One of the aspects is hair loss.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to slow the formation of cancer cells as they divide with the aim of slowing or even shrinking cancerous growth. Anti-cancer medication is introduced to the body, through the bloodstream. Hair follicles are highly sensitive to chemo-medications resulting in varying degrees of hair loss in many patients.  Hair loss occurs differently in different people, it maybe rapid or slow it may cover the whole scalp, or just in certain areas.

Radiation Therapy Hair Loss

Radiation therapy involves the use of high energy waves or atomic particles to actually destroy or damage cancer cells, so that they don’t reproduce. Unlike chemotherapy which affects tissues throughout the body, radiation only targets a specific areas of the body. Hair loss can be a temporary side effect. But it can also be permanent if higher dosages are used  especially on the scalp where permanant scaring can occur.


Many drugs used to counter certain medical conditions especially those prescribed to reduce inflammation and suppress your immune system, such as prednisone can cause hairloss. If a certain medication is causing the hair loss, your doctor may advise you to stop using it for at least three months.

Regardless of the medical reasons, losing your hair is considered to be among the most distressing aspects of cancer treatment. A positive outlook is key to recovery; and so many physicians will advise patients on different methods and treatments during this period.

Hair Loss Solutions

Thankfully in many cases hair regrowth will begin shortly after treatment cycles end, and many people will have their hair regrowth in a few weeks.


There are exstensive articles online about different diets and herbal remedies affirming great results with essential oils and traditional eastern medicine using roots and herbs. However, as with many naturopathic remedies, results from individual to individual vary. Effects are normally subtle and its difficult to determine what exactly is working. Also, most inmportantly many of these remedies can interfere with prescribed medications and can cause serious side effects.


There are only two approved by Health Canada to treat hair loss. Minxoidil and Finasteride that are availble generically or branded. Like all drugs, there are risks of side effects and contraindications.


Some people with permanant hair loss opt for surgery. Strips of hair are removed from areas of the scalp where follicals are still producing health hair. A surgeon then cuts the strips into small plugs, with the follicles and roots intact. The plugs are implanted into other areas of the scalp.

Besides being expensive and painful, manytimes the same condition that intially caused the hair loss, will also cause the implanted hair follicals to wither.

Wigs and Hairpieces

By far the most widely prescribed advice from physicians are wigs and hairpieces.

Taking drugs (even natural ones) while on other treatments comes with the risk of side effects. Surgery, while recovering is probably not a possibility for most people, besides the expense,

Wigs and hairpieces are flexible, comfortable and hygenic. They have come along way in receant years. You probably can’t tell that many famous actors and celberties are wearing them. The secret is the same as buying clothes or makeup. Quality makes a difference as well as profesionally advice.

Always Hair For You, true to its namesake understands how distressing your circumstances can be; and how important discreet, personal service is at this time. We are here to help, and take pride in providing a great service with a great selection of high quality natural and synthetic wigs and prothstetic hair pieces.

Check with your insurance company, manytimes prothstetics are covered,